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October, 2008
product spotlight:

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Stealth Force Boots

Stealth Force

These brand new products are sure to become favorites! They offer full-grain leather with ballistic nylon mesh upper and moisture-wicking lining. Specialized traction sole and reinforced construction means they will stand up to almost anything.

  • Available in both 6" and 8" heights
  • Side-zip and full-lace versions in each height
  • Various sizes from 7 to 15, and regular and wide widths

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5.11 Storm 8" Side Zip Boot

5.11 Tactical Series

The 5.11 Storm 8" boot is made of full-grain leather throughout with a convenient side zipper for faster dressing. This boot includes a Phylon comfort midsole to help keep you comfortable when you're on your feet all day.

  • Available in sizes 4 through 15
  • Shock mitigation system
  • 5.11's Sentinel Waterproof System
  • Hidden side pocket

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uniform news

TSAAirport screeners have a new look, but the old mission of airline security is failing, report says

The nation's airport security screeners unveiled new uniforms Thursday on the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and as a congressional report blistered the federal government for failing "to provide the American people the security they expect and deserve."

The report, titled "Wasted Lessons of 9/11," cited poor progress toward identifying potentially dangerous airline passengers before they show up at the airport. It also questioned whether the Department of Homeland Security will meet a 2010 deadline to screen all cargo transported on passenger planes in the U.S.

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LAPDL.A.'s movie cop dilemma

A common sight across L.A. is police officers commandeering a street for a film crew. But the folks wearing the uniforms often don't work for the Los Angeles Police Department -- they're retired cops who work only on movie shoots. To the filmmaking community, this cadre of professionals is one of the benefits of working here. But to the LAPD brass, non-officers in uniform are a threat to the department's image and integrity.

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helpful tips

Protect Your Digital Monitoring Storage from Heat Failure

Hard Drive

With the rise in the popularity of electronic surveillance, it's important to address the needs of your digital video recorder (DVR) or other video storage equipment. All the recordings are saved on a hard drive, and if that hard drive isn't well taken care of, you could lose all the information that could be critical to security.

Neil Heller of American Fibertek shares some tips for protecting your hard drive. (Source: Security Magazine)

• Leave rack space between devices

• Provide extra airflow (like a fan) in warm conditions

• Ventilate the area to circulate fresh air, not just the air in the device closet or room

• Locate the devices in a consistent environment to avoid heating and cooling cycles

• Monitor moisture levels and eliminate sources of humidity or moisture

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Upcoming Dates

Oct. 20-21
NASCO Board of Directors Meeting (Oct. 20) and General Membership Meeting (Oct. 21)

Hall of States
Washington D.C.

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Oct. 29-31
10th Annual Technologies for Critical Incident Preparedness Conference

Hyatt Regency
Chicago, IL

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U.S. Department of Justice, Homeland Security and Defense

Nov. 5
Pre-CALSAGA Seminar with Gary Kuty, “Changing Times, Changing Strategies for Increased Growth”

Hyatt Vineyard Creek
Hotel & Spa
Santa Rosa, CA

Brought to you by Kuty and Associates LLC

Nov. 6-7
2008 CALSAGA Annual Conference
be exhibiting!

Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel & Spa in Santa Rosa, CA
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Call (866) 310-2551 to register.

Dec. 11
PIRSAC Meeting
Hampton Inn and Suites
Tallahassee, FL

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from the president
Dan Mendelson

16 Years of Great Service!

As Unitex Direct turned 16 years old last month, we attended the ASIS 2008 exhibition and conference in Atlanta. ASIS gives me the opportunity to meet many security directors and contract security companies face to face and to hear the challenges that they encounter on a daily basis. I met many current and new potential customers who look for someone who can partner with them on their uniform and equipment needs.

ASIS '08

More than 21,000 security professionals from industry, government, and law enforcement, along with product manufacturers and service providers from around the world, turned out for the most comprehensive education and networking event in the security industry—and the world’s leading exhibition dedicated to security. The 270,000 square foot exhibition floor in the Georgia World Congress Center showcased thousands of cutting-edge technologies, products and services from more than 850 companies.

The ASIS event is so successful in terms of participation because they are able to deliver a wealth of educational sessions, high-quality product and service solutions spanning every security category, along with unparalleled networking opportunities with security experts across many industry sectors, from around the world.

On upcoming events, I'm looking forward to attending both the November 6 CALSAGA Annual Conference and the pre-show seminar on November 5 put on by Gary Kuty of Kuty and Associates. If you're planning on attending either event, give me a call and we'll set up an appointment to discuss your uniform needs.

Turning another year older also gave us a good opportunity to reflect on the impact we make on our customers and on all of the good things we strive to achieve through our business model. Recently in my e-mail, I received this note from one of our largest and long standing customers, Security Forces Inc. of Charlotte, NC...

"Unitex Direct has been both responsive and flexible in meeting all our uniform needs. We have found the quality of the uniforms to be excellent, and their personal attention to our requirements exceptional. The Unitex Direct team has partnered with Security Forces Inc. to provide improved inventory management and uniforms on time at the right place without excessive shipping charges."

Steve Almy, Vice President of Operations
Security Forces Inc.

It's encouraging to hear that Unitex Direct can make a difference in how our customers operate, that they can focus on other concerns knowing their uniforms are taken care of by an experienced, reliable company. We also like to support our customers when they go above and beyond, as is the case with Mim Goyne in her fundraising for Muscular Dystrophy. See her story and more about her employer, Security Engineers Inc., in this issue's Customer Profile section.

NEW Product!

Light for LifeFinally, we have an exciting pre-sale on the brand new 5.11 Light for Life flashlight. This ecologically friendly, rechargeable flashlight has no batteries and can be charged over 50,000 times. That's more than 130 years if you charge it once a day! Plus the 90-second charge time means you aren't waiting hours for this 270-lumen flashlight to recharge. It's rugged, cost effective, and we're taking pre-orders now for early 2009 delivery. Pre-order online or give me a call to be one of the first to own this amazing new product! In order to get the FREE SHIPPING, you must order by November 1, 2008.

Dan Mendelson,
Unitex Direct
ext. 230

P.S. - We're always looking for feedback (from our customers) to include in these email newsletters. If you'd like to be included, please email our newsletter editor.


Business Management Tip
BaseballA Lesson From Yogi

In Yogi Berra's 2007 commencement speech to the graduating class of St. Louis University, he said, "Be careful if you don't know where you're going in life, because you might not get there."

Yogi's latest take on his own funny and famous quote from years ago certainly describes the unfortunate situation that many professionals and business owners find themselves in. While focusing on the tactical nature of doing business, the strategic vision is often lost, and in some cases it never gets established in the first place. We're sure that we need to make the month. We're sure that we have to pay the bills. We know that we have to keep our customers happy if we have any hope of survival. But in the end, will the business activities we engage in every day deliver the end result we wish for?

We can only answer that if we know what the desired end result is. What will your business look like at its most successful moment? In other words, what is the ultimate state of your business? Armed with a crystal-clear and compelling vision of your destination, you can lead your organization to accomplish it.

A strategic vision encourages business and personal alignment. In the absence of a clear strategic direction, employees and even business owners will do what they think will provide the most value in the given moment, as they individually define it. Whether you know it or not, you're operating according to a personal vision right now, and every person in your organization is as well. Even if everyone has the best intentions, growth of the business will be slowed because everyone is working on their own definitions of success.

Once you've clearly defined your vision and shared it, your activities, the activities of your employees and the resources of your business will come into alignment with that common destination.

A strategic vision creates focus. When the economy is in a down cycle, the tendency is to focus on the difficulty of conducting business, the lost opportunities and the impact to the bottom line. This attention to the negative can erode confidence and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By keeping the vision at the forefront of the organization's awareness, employees and management alike can focus on generating new ideas, planning for the future and seeing new possibilities. It's much like deciding to buy a particular new car, and then noticing the car everywhere. When we're focused on a positive outcome, coincidences, resources and opportunities arise as if by magic.

Source: A speaker and consultant, Kim Marcille's 25-year background in business leadership ranges from Fortune 500 experience to small business ownership. She's founder of Possibilities Amplified, Inc and author of the forthcoming Amp It Up! Secrets from Science for Creating the Life of Your Dreams. She is formerly vice president of new initiatives for the Miami Herald Media Company, and former CEO of Catalyst.



Election '08Don't Forget to Vote!

While we at Unitex Direct won't even attempt to sway your vote one way or another, we do encourage you to be educated and to get out and vote! It's less than a month until the big day, so take this time to find your polling station and plan some time in your day to cast your ballot. You may also want to talk with your officers to make sure they have the time they need to vote as well. This is your Constitutionally given right! Take part in this greatest of democratic processes and vote on November 4.



Security Engineers Inc.

Mim GoyneSecurity Engineers Inc.
Mim Goyne, HR Manager

Security Engineers Inc. serves the Southeast as far north as Indiana and west to Louisiana. With 1,400 officers nationwide, SEI provides uniformed security officers, security consulting, investigations, and numerous other security services. Officers provide foot and vehicle patrols, courtesy services, access control, alarm response and specialized services.

Q: With multiple locations and services offered, what do you face as the biggest challenge in managing HR for Security Engineers Inc.?
My biggest problem is documentation from supervisors. If they have an officer who is habitually tardy, they may talk to them a few times but they may never document it. So when it comes time to release that employee, there's no paper trail for me.

Q: How do you approach the task of finding a group of candidates when a large number of officers are needed quickly for a job?
We have [a large bank] as a client across Alabama and Louisiana. When Katrina hit, they asked us to secure the banks that had no electricity. At one point they even took out all the safe deposit boxes and put them in a big warehouse, and we were hired to protect that. Our officers had to sleep in the warehouse – the whole nine yards. The word got around to Burlington Railroad that we responded so quickly for [the bank client], and they contacted us when Hurricane Gustav hit this year. We were securing generators at railroad crossings that had no power. When Hurricane Ike hit in Texas, Burlington asked us to go there as well, so they asked us to be prepared to send 200 people.

When something like that happens, I list the job in the newspaper and on a few websites [state-wide newspaper AL.com, CorporateGray.com]. The ad ran in the papers on Sunday and I started interviewing that afternoon. We got 112 officers and sent them out. We didn't know how long they were going to be there. We were telling them it could be a week, it could be six months. And on top of that, we didn't know what conditions; some of these places were out of power the entire time, no hotel, sleeping in their cars. But we got the chance to watch these people perform under those conditions, and we've been able to hire some of them as full-time or part-time employees for the company because they performed so well for us. You don't always get the opportunity to hire someone temporarily, see what they are really like and then decide whether to hire them.

Q: Can you tell us something you like about working with Unitex Direct for your uniform and equipment needs?
They supply almost everything for us. I started working with Dan Mendelson's uncle in Florida years ago. He offered me some incredible prices, and we started a great relationship. When Dan came into the business, we started working with him. One thing we love about Unitex Direct is just how personable they are. Dan, Nancy, Trish and everyone we come in contact with are all just wonderful. I feel like they are a family. If I have a last-minute order and put "ASAP" on it, I know they will do everything they can to meet it. Dan was the only business owner who made a point to come and meet me personally instead of only wanting to deal with the CEO directly. It's just been a great relationship, and I know they will come through for me. I compare it to my own company, Security Engineers, because our CEO Don Bottom hates answering machines, so he makes sure anyone who calls at any time will talk to a human being.

Q: You personally took part in a lock up benefiting Muscular Dystrophy. Why is this cause important to you?
I was challenged with raising $3,000 for a lock up [in September]. You have a month or so to collect the pledges for donations. Someone turns in your name to be locked up, and when we got the call they first asked for Don Bottom, our CEO. He was out of town, so I was second on the list to be locked up. They dress you in black and white stripes and take your picture behind bars, and they give you a phone to call friends until you reach your "bail" amount. It's a great way for companies to meet each other while everyone is locked up, and it's a fun way to raise money.

This cause is important to me because of a friend and former coworker I've known for quite some time. Ray started working for us through a program called City Action Partnership [a group that provides secutiry and services like escorting people to cars, unlocking car doors, jumping dead batteries, and just being neighborhood lookouts]. He was a great young man, married with no kids, worked his way through college to get his criminal justice degree while he was a CAPs officer, and became a police officer. To this day, he still comes to visit us. About a year ago, he told us he had been diagnosed with MD. He has to take a shot once a month that costs about $1,200 each. But he's still so upbeat and level headed, the least I could do was help raise some money for research and support of those with Muscular Dystrophy.


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