Dan Mendelson


Solving Uniform Problems

Since I established Unitex Direct in 1992, I’ve learned how prevalent certain problems are for uniform buyers. Now I focus my company’s efforts on solving those problems. While we have everything in apparel that the people and the industries we serve need, I pride myself in delivering a level of service that clients should expect from their uniform company.

In fact, many companies and organizations using competitors have come to us and we’ve solved their uniform problems including: poor quality in apparel or decoration, lack of on-time delivery, incorrect items/quantities shipped, or lack of communication.

The Unitex Direct Guarantee:

Since one of the most prevalent issues facing uniform decision-makers is poor quality, I established the UNITEX DIRECT GUARANTEE:

If anything a client buys from us doesn’t meet their standards, we’ll replace it. And that’s a promise from me personally. As President, my hands and eyes are involved in every step of our operation. If there’s a problem, our customers get solutions fast. That’s why they call me the Chief Problem Solver.

Recognition and Awards:

Over the last ten years, we’ve won 4 awards given by the Network Assoc. of Uniform Manufacturers And Distributors (NAUMD), recognizing us for delivering a high volume of innovative quality apparel in a fast and timely manner. We very often have corrected the errors of other suppliers and are proud and humbled that our reputation for quality and speed is known throughout the industry.

Our Mission:

When I meet with our customers, I remind them of two key issues. The first is that our mission is to take responsibility for their complete uniform program.

The second is that I teach my whole team at Unitex Direct that at all times we must act in your best interest.

The Team Behind Our Success:

At the heart of Unitex Direct’s success is our dedicated team, which continuously works to exceed our clients’ expectations. Under the guidance of our Director of Customer Experience, Trish Stewart, the team diligently addresses challenges, from apparel quality concerns to timely deliveries. Their unwavering commitment, combined with the principles set forth by our mission, ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry. With a shared vision and dedication, our team plays a pivotal role in upholding our reputation for excellence.

Our Commitment to the Industries We Serve:

Philosophically I’ve always been committed to supporting the industries that we are involved with, both through time and resources.

We are corporate members of the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM), and I am a member of its Diversity And Inclusive Leadership Committee (DILC). We focus on developing opportunities to promote a diverse membership into leadership roles in IAVM. We are also members of the Stadium Managers Association (SMA). I, personally, as well as my team, are dedicated to these industry relationships.

If you’re having any issues with your uniform program, I’d be happy to have a conversation.

Please contact me at dan@unitexdirect.com.
Or call me 800-682-1606 x 230