What do Production Services of Maine / Waterford Concerts, Mississippi State Fair, Hult Center, Andy Frain Services and WESS know that you don't know? 

Unitex Direct has everything an event services company needs, at every price level. We outfit stadiums, arenas and collegiate organizations across the nation.

We supply all of the uniforms that have become industry standards over the years: shirts, trousers and outerwear made in our own factories to keep costs low, while maintaining exceptional quality. Plus outstanding apparel from leading brands in the uniform and image apparel market.

Once your company has established an account with us, your uniform department or human resource professionals can order online and we ship in 10 days or less! Or we can set up a Private Online Store customized for your company. Click here for more information.

Customization from emblem application to alterations is done quickly and accurately. We easily support new uniform start-ups without delay.

The Unitex Direct Guarantee. 

If anything you buy from us does not meet your standard, we'll replace it at no cost to you. That's a promise.

Event Services Manager

NFL Franchise
"The number one reason we work with Dan Mendelson at Unitex Direct is because when there is a problem, and everyone else says NO, Dan says YES. Not long ago the laundry ruined 300 shirts. I called Dan on a Friday and told him we need new shirts before Thursday’s night game since the NFL doesn’t allow shipments into stadiums on game day. These were not just any shirts. The shirts had to be printed with our logo front and back and each shirt individually numbered. Normally, this is impossible. Not for the rapid response team from Unitex Direct. They receive shirts on Monday, printed them on Tuesday and Wednesday, then shipped them to arrive 9 PM, Wednesday night. It was truly amazing."
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